About Us

Well, with millions of sellers and cool tech gadgets and accessories right at the palm of your hands, it is daunting, confusing, and outright frustrating. So, we came up with CoolTechMonkey. We've hand selected items that we, ourselves, will purchase in a heartbeat. Think of us like your own personal window shopper. We filter millions of products online, and choose which among them you need to get your hands on. And no, we don't rely on any data - we love shopping way too much and honestly, we're too lazy to do so.

By now, you're probably asking why name our store CoolTechMonkey. Well, for two reasons - we absolutely love unique, cheap and cool tech items, and one of the co-owner's nickname is monkey. Until now we don't have any idea why that's her nickname and we're too afraid to ask - we can guarantee that she doesn't look like a monkey, that's for sure.

So now you have an idea who you're buying from,  have a product on mind? Send us an email at customerservice@cooltechmonkey.com, and we will find the lowest price possible and add it in our collection - that simple.